Open a Book!

"Open a Book" is the name of our latest show... and our very first storybook!

We've opened the book to reading fun! And some schools are getting the program at no cost!

Rainbow Puppet Productions introduces a whole new dimension in learning.  The award-winning team has created a new musical review that shares the joy of reading through music, dance, puppetry, and story-telling.  It's a travelling, early reading program designed around our new children's book.

And thanks to a very generous grant, some schools will be getting the show at no cost.

Not Just a Show!

"Open a Book" doesn't end with the show.  There's a storybook, created especially for this production that re-tells many of the highlights of the program.  Students can relive and re-tell the stories to their families.

Produced by Award-Winning Experts...

Rainbow Puppet Productions have long been recognized for their ability to excite and entertain young audiences.  In fact, they are the 2018 Young Audiences of Virginia Sunburst Award winner for their performance excellence.   This fast-paced program will keep even the youngest of audiences entertained. 

The Book! The Tour! The Grant!

The Book!

In connection with this show...  we have released a brand new storybook featuring many of the characters and highlights of the show.

The Tour!

The show will be on tour throughout the state of Virginia during the 2018 - 2019 school year.  We will be focusing the tour in several areas including:  

  • Charlottesville
  • Norfolk
  • Petersburg
  • Portsmouth
  • Prince William County
  • Richmond
  • Roanoke

While we are focusing on these cities, we may be able to include your community as well, so please fill out the form below.

The Grant!

A very generous grant from Optima Health is helping us make this program available at no cost to thousands of children.  See if your locality qualifies for the program and books.  Just fill out the form below or call us at 757 851-3266.  Note that there are a limited number of grants and supplies so please apply now.

Open a Book Contact Form

Rainbow Puppet Productions

(757) 851-3266

About the Show... It's a travelling early reading program


 A history book allows us to meet Abraham Lincoln and Mary Peake. Lincoln introduces the Emancipation Proclamation which is read under an oak tree in Hampton, Virginia. Under that oak tree, we meet Mary Peake who is teaching newly freed African Americans to read. 

Joy of Reading

Mary Peake shares the story of “The Wall.” It is the tale of an elephant, a giraffe, and a mouse who use their unique qualities to overcome the hardships of fire and famine to find food and survive. It is their diverse skills that lead to success for all. Narrated by Tony Award winning actor Geoffrey Holder. 

Study and Hard Work

A biography introduces the Wright brothers. By reading the works of other explorers, they determine that a flying machine can be built after solving the challenges of Power, Lift, and Control. They build a small engine, practice with kites, and develop the ability to steer an aircraft... which leads to the first successful powered flight. 

Mother Goose Fun

A visit to Mother Goose Land to hear many classic rhymes and a musical re-telling of the children’s classic “The Three Little Pigs” narrated by movie legend Mickey Rooney.


A science book introduces animals “Great and Small.”  It might be Fiddler Crabs, it might be an Electric Eel... but it's guaranteed to be fun!

And more...

We run out of time to meet all the animals… so the audience is encouraged to seek out more at their local libary or through a book of their own.