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Terrific Tales



This summer, join the award-winning Rainbow Puppets as they share “Terrific Tales.” Through original music and colorful puppets, they present relevant re-tellings of some of the most recognizable tales of all times.

By not talking to strangers, Red Riding Hood makes her way safely to Grandma’s house. Hansel and Gretel are not so lucky. When their father heads off to work, they ignore his instructions and end up lost in forest. Fortunately, they are able to outsmart the woman at the candy house and are reunited with their father. Finally, Goldilocks benefits from the generosity of Three Bears.

Between tales, there are interactive songs and dancing which are a trademark of Rainbow Puppet presentations.

 The late, great movie legend Mickey Rooney provides narration for the show. Over the years, he recorded many shows with the Rainbow Puppets including “Toyland!” and “Pirate Party.” Other voices include Rainbow regulars Chris Bartlett and Granny, Deborah Carlos as Red Riding Hood, and James Cooper as the Announcer. Steve Scheffler engineered and produced the performances 

Available starting in June of 2020.

The Wetland Revue



Open your eyes to all of the wonders hidden in the wetlands of Virginia as Rainbow Puppet Productions presents “The Wondrous Wetland Review.” Over fifty puppets and a rich musical score bring the tidal saltmarsh to life. This tour is presented by grants from the Virginia Arts Commission and York County.

Wide-Eyed Wanda, a barred owl who lives in the saltmarsh takes Seemore the Seagull on a fun and educational tour of this often overlooked natural resource. Along the way they encounter Bert, the Blue Heron who sings a big-band swing tune, “If You Wanna Dance Around.” Like Great Garbo before her, Alana the Great White Egret sings, “I Just Wanna Be Alone.” The audience joins in on a singing, hand-clapping hoe down led by Farley, the Fiddler Crab.

Other highlights include the Sunset Symphony where lightning bugs fill the sky with a twinkling cascade of lights. Later, there’s a “Scary Creature Feature” tale of the mummichog, an amazing little fish that buries itself in the sand as the tide goes out, only to miraculously reappear when the tide returns.

Thanks to grant funding, we can offer special pricing on this show from March through June of 2020.

Performing Artists of the Year

We are honored to be chosen as the Performing Artists of the Year by Young Audiences of Virginia.  Our founder's first exposure to professional musicians came about in grade school through the work of Young Audiences... and now we have been selected as their Artists of the Year.  Please join us this summer as we tour the state!

Shows that entertain, educate, and enlighten...

Classic Programs


If it's a classic story or a children's show, the Rainbow Puppets have it.   Victor Herbert's "Toyland!"  and Prokofiev's "Peter and the Wolf."  Mother Goose shares rhymes and stories like "The Three Little Pigs" and "Little Red Riding Hood."   And if you like Pirates and Mermaids... we have them, too.

STEM Programs


The Rainbow Puppets are experts at taking the complicated and making it super-easy to understand.  Our puppets help explain the complexity of the Amazon Rain Forest, the rise and fall of the Dinosaurs, the wonder of the Wright Brothers' first flight, the excitement of space travel and the delicacy of the Chesapeake Bay.

Character and Faith Programs


From the beginning, the Rainbow Puppet company has stressed the value and importance of every creature on the planet.  Every person... every creature is unique and special.  Our anti bullying program "Speak Out - The Search for Gold" has become the go-to resource for many schools.  Then there are our classic tellings of the Noah and Jonah stories.

History Programs


Follow in the footsteps of historic figures through our interactive shows.  Meet Abraham Lincoln, the Tuskegee Airmen, Patrick Henry, Pocahontas, and so many others.

Music and Video


Hear songs from the Rainbow Puppets, including David Messick's original compositions for the company.  See our shows.  And maybe download an album or get our latest cd.

About us


Take a look at our 40 years of children's programs.  Then we hope you'll invite us to be a part of your next event.

Who are the Rainbow Puppets?

Our Mission

Rainbow Puppet Productions creates shows that enlighten, entertain, and educate through original music, puppets and dance.

Based on the east coast of Virginia, we are frequently seen in Williamsburg, Hampton, Newport News, Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Richmond, the Eastern Shore, and the Outer Banks.   

While we are headquartered in Hampton Roads, Virginia, we tour nationally and have been seen in the smallest of venues to the grandest opera houses!   

Our History

Since 1977, we have created touring children's programs that take professional theater experiences from the grandest of opera houses, to the largest museums, to the smallest libraries across the East Coast.  We love doing puppet shows NYC puppet shows, DC puppet shows, and puppet shows in your neighborhood.

Notable performance venues include the New York Museum of Natural History, the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, the Virginia Children's Museum, the National Theater in Washington D. C., The Grand Opera House in Wilmington, and many other locations. 

Our Artists

We combine talented puppeteers with artists from across the country.  Master Puppet Makers from Pennsylvania, Florida, Maine, and Virginia.  Costumers in Iowa.  And some of the most legendary voices of all time including Oscar Winner Mickey Rooney, Tony Winners Carol Channing, Geoffrey Holder, and Frankie Michaels, Emmy Winner Bruce Hornsby, and Tuskegee Airman Ezra Hill.

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