Pirate Party Music and Show on Sale!


Here's your invitation to join the party!

Mickey Rooney's a cranky old pirate.  Carol Channing's an Octopus.  Add a mermaid, a surfer dude, and a sea monster and you have a recipe for a nutty but fun-filled adventure.  And now you can enjoy it at over half off!

We have been able to work out a special deal with one of our vendors and right now, you can enjoy our original cast album CD or our digital download of  or Pirate Party music and show at over half-off.  It's the perfect compliment to your next pirate childrens party or to enjoy the show all over again.

Only $5.99! Twice as much if you go to Amazon or iTunes

You can pick up this CD or download at Amazon for over $12.00.  But that sounds like piracy to us.  So take it from Captain Mick... every pirate ought to have a copy... and now you can get it for over half off!  

Hear a few hightlights and order below.  This special pricing is only available while current warehouse supplies last!