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Join the Rainbow Puppeteers as they go on a treasure hunt in their all-new production of "The Search for Gold!"

"The Search for Gold’ is a brand new style of entertainment from the Rainbow Puppets," says program creator David Messick. "It includes original songs, several styles of table top puppetry, magic, life-sized costume characters and more."

The puppet team is following a treasure map… in hopes of finding treasure and gold. Along the way, they learn that respect and trust for one another is the greatest treasure of all. That’s not to say there won’t be a lot of fun during the search.

Among the stories and skits told are "The Wall," a tale of a mouse, a giraffe, and an elephant who must use their unique skills to survive in Africa.

There’s even a set of spoiled triplets who present a brand new song and dance in the middle of the show. This is reminiscent of a musical number created by Fred Astaire for the MGM musical, "The Band Wagon."

The show features puppets created by Rainbow Puppeteer Regina Smith. Additional props and art are created by Jason Wiedel.

Since opening in 2005, skits and songs from the show have been performed in Ireland and in Africa.  The show's visual elements transcend culture and language.

David Messick created the original score and script. His previous musicals have included "Noah’s Floating Zoo," "The Amazing Adventures of Chessie the Manatee," and "The Wright Brothers," which was featured at Wolftrap, the national park for the arts.

David most recently directed two-time Oscar winner and movie legend Mickey Rooney in Rainbow’s all-new production of "Toyland!"

Rainbow Puppeteers include Jason Weidel, Kathie Davis, Marcy Messick, and Regina Smith.

Character voices are provided by Rainbow’s talented repertory company of performers. Tim Tharrington, who has worked with the group since 1981 sings the new song "Speak Out!" Kara Dennision, a gifted vocal artist with experience working on anime projects provides the high-pitched voice of the mouse. She previously co-starred as Bo Peep in "Toyland!" Steve Scheffler serves triple duty, providing several voices in addition to producing and arranging the musical sequences. Steve starred as Wilbur Wright in Rainbow’s "The Wright Brothers."

Other voices are provided by husband and wife team of Don and Chris Bartlett. They starred as Mr. and Mrs. Noah in Rainbow’s "Noah’s Floating Zoo." Rainbow Puppeteers Jason Wiedel and Regina Smith round out the cast. Jason also provides all the scenic and promotional art.

Regina created many of the puppets for the show. Additional puppets and props are by Kathie Davis, Jill Harrington, Fiona Andrews, and David Messick, Sr.

Rainbow started in 1977. Since the mid-90’s, as part of Young Audiences of Virginia, they have grown into one of the largest touring companies in the state, performing for hundreds of thousands of children in schools and libraries.

"The Search for Gold" was funded by a grant from the Holocaust Commission of the United Jewish Federation in furtherance of compassionate understanding among all people. Underwritten by Leah and Richard Waitzer


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