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Dinosaur Show


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the REALLY BIG Dinosaur Show


trex50.JPG (2260 bytes)Imagine the bones and fossils of ancient dinosaurs could come back to life ó what stories they might tell. Well, thereís no need to imagine any more as Rainbow Puppet Productions presents "The Really Big Dinosaur Show." Through original songs and the use of over twenty giant puppets, the time of the dinosaurs appears on stage. The program features an eight foot tall T-Rex and another dinosaur thatís over 16 feet long. (Itís not called "The Really Big Dinosaur Show" for nothing!)bw baby 72.JPG (10383 bytes)

The program was created by the same team that produced "The Amazing Adventures of Chessie the Manatee." The original music and script is by David Messick. Giant puppets were created by Frank Lakus of Tampa, Florida as well as Virginia artists Laura Huff, Helen Spaetzel, Christine Frank, and Kathie Davis.

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Above right, a Mama Maiasaura is there when her first child is born.  Stan the Stegosaurus is there to wish her well.  To the left is an impossible combination of creatures from many eras.  There are the two head-butting Pachycephalosaurus, a baby Maiasaura, a giant Wooly Mammoth and, on his back, a tiny Megazostrodon.


The show is one of our most popular and after a 103 performance run at the Virginia Living Museum, it's ready to tour to your location.  What's more, we've added more audience interaction!  We actually take puppets into the audience and then bring selected audience members onstage to perform as members of the cast.  And, of course, everyone gets to join in the grand finale... dancing the Dinosaur Hop!  It's our most popular song and by far the most down-loaded song by dinosaur-lovers around the world.


You can go behind the scenes to see what  went into creating "The Really Big Dinosaur Show."





Rainbow Puppet Productions: The Really Big Dinosaur Show




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